Saturday, July 21, 2012

Jude during the month of July

 Jude HATES baths! But he gets super spunky and happy when he is naked and wrapped up in his towel. Brian snapped this shot of Jude the other night when he was wiggling and smiling. LOVE HIM!
 This is Jude (looking a little shell-shocked) during our first public family outing. We made a quick trip to the local farmers market. We felt like this was a safe outing because we are outdoors and not in close quarters with a lot of people. We enjoyed an afternoon stroll and Annabelle enjoyed naming all of the fruits and veggies.
A few things you might notice about this picture:
1) Jude is HUGE! He is so long that he looks like a toddler sized baby in this stroller. I'm quite proud of his chucky little legs too.
2) Gotta love the patch-work tape on Jude's face to hold down the ng tube that he so desperately wants to pull out. We are still on the lookout for a better method...and I think I found one tonight! Going to try it out tomorrow! Wish us luck!
3) The giant (again toddler sized) bib around Jude's little neck. Poor guy throws up so often that he is sporting one of these throughout the day.
The picture and the video show Jude in action in his exersaucer. When we first brought Jude home he could not sit up at all in the exersaucer and when we stuffed blankets around him to help him sit up he simply slouched miserably and drooled a TON. But as you can see he is holding himself up pretty well now and beginning to explore the toys more and more. He is also starting to bear weight on his legs much more. We are totally thrilled with his progress!
P.S. Don't you love Annabelle poking her finger in the camera like a normal almost three year old? She is such a cutie! And did you see our awesome min-fridge in Jude's room to put all his meds and formula closer? Thanks to my parents we don't have to trek all up and down the stairs in the middle of the night and early a.m. to give Jude what he needs during those crazy hours! SO thankful for that gift!

Coming soon, pictures of Jude:
1) In his new, cool helmet!
2) Our latest find: a sleep sack that keeps Jude from pulling at his tape and ng tube while he sleeps. He looks like a big bag of potatoes!


  1. Love it!!!!! He's so serious!!! Love Annabelle...even in her Clemson attire! Brians face is a picture, I can hear him saying not me!!
    Miss you guys, give that big boy a cuddle from me.

  2. Dear Precious Lil Jude & Family, You do not know me & we may never meet face to face on this earth. i found your blog today by revisiting Jason & Rhonda's blog "Esther Story" (my 1st blog i was encouraged to visit by a "Sister" requesting our on-line devotional group to pray for Baby Esther). i will pray for your family (have been praying for all children with CDH since hearing of Baby Esther). i believe "Miracles Do Happen" & i know Psalm 40:5 "O Lord my God, many are the wonders You have done, And Your thoughts toward us no one can recount to You; Were I to speak and tell of them, They would be too many to declare." I live in "Do not be afraid ... For I AM the LORD your God, the Holy One of Israel Your Savior." Pray the Peace & Joy that passes understanding for you from Foreverfaithfulfather, Jesus and the Holy Spirit be every "present" in You & Your Family. In Jesus name. Amen.

  3. This baby is the cutest! How can you stand it? I will pray for his digestive issues.