Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Photo catch up!

Hi friends,
I've finally been able to upload the photos from Jude's birthday party (way back in December)!

Here are a few pictures of Jude enjoying his 1st birthday party!

Our hearts were SO FULL on this day! What an amazing year with our little man.
Oh! The Lord has been good to us!


  1. Oh my goodness- I am aMaZeD at how much Jude has grown and how much progress he has made! Praise God!! happy Easter to you and yours!

  2. Rose....
    I am a bit behind in commenting on people's Blogs, so I'm playing some catch-up!! ;-D
    I love that the inside of Jude's birthday cake is red, white, and blue!! Those are my three favorite colors!! Very American!! ;-D
    Happy belated birthday, Jude!! ;)