Saturday, October 15, 2011

Some information to share

I recently read this on the blog of another family with a child born with CDH. I thought it might be helpful to all of you in understanding Jude's CDH.

1.      The survival rate for CDH babies runs at 50%.  Approximately 1600 births a year; 800 babies survive.
2.       CHD occurs in approximately 1:2500 births (I have read different stats from 1:2000 up to 1:5000, however 1:2500 seems to be the most common).
3.       There is no known cause for CDH.
4.       There is no way to determine if your CDH baby will or will not survive.  Some babies that have severe CDH survive, while other more mild cases do not.
5.       There are several types of CDH with the left sided being the most common (this is what Jude has).
6.       Many families have never heard of CDH until they are diagnosed with it.
7.       There is nothing that we could have done to prevent this from happening.

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