Monday, October 31, 2011


Hi friends!
Just wanted to do a quick post to let all of our faithful friends in prayer know that Saucy has a foster home now!! We are so thankful and relieved!
A friend of mine from my book club knows a lady who is a dog trainer and she knew a young woman who is willing to foster Saucy for us while we are away caring for Jude. We are quite certain that Saucy will LOVE his foster home and that he will get plenty of attention and love.
Likewise, Winnie is being fostered by an awesome family with three little boys. I'm quite sure that she will be smitten with all of them too. She is going to have a blast!

I had another doctors appointment today and Jude continues to grow! All looks well with him except for his CDH. My amniotic fluid is now at 28, so please continue to pray that they will decrease or remain the same. I'm feeling ok....I have on and off days. Mostly I feel like I can't breathe because of all the extra fluid and a big baby!

What we are thankful for:
Sweet friends who have done little things to brighten our day. Several of you have surprised us with little notes or gifts that have really lifted our spirits.

The love of our Lord and how he is caring for us each day. There are so many stories that I wish I could share about how God is ministering to us daily. How blessed we are to know Him and to know that He will never leave us.

What you can pray for:
We are now exactly 3 weeks away from our temporary move to Charleston. Things are starting to come together for our move and life is moving forward each day. We are thrilled about meeting Jude and we cannot wait to see his sweet little face! But we are so anxious about his first day. Will you pray specifically for his first day? I also wanted to share that a friend of mine from my MOPS group is setting up a prayer vigil on the morning of Jude's birth so that individuals can go to a chapel and pray for specific aspects of Jude's life on the morning he is born. I hope to post more details as I know more.

Pray for our last three weeks as a family of three at home. We want to cherish each and every moment. Pray for plenty of rest and plenty of joy! :)

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