Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Hi friends,

Not much to say tonight except that Jude is still struggling with throwing up / feeding. He is throwing up as much as 8 times a day and losing weight. He is miserable and it is breaking our hearts. We know that Jude has severe acid reflux but this is too much.

Since I last wrote the doctors have tried adjusting some of the dosage on a medication that helps "wake up" his GI tract, they have added an additional acid reflex medication and then today they switched him from breast milk to a very simple and broken down formula to see if that would help his tummy troubles. If doesn't appear that the medication changes have worked thus far and we are still waiting to see how the formula impacts his throwing up and acid reflex.

Poor Jude. Most CDH babies struggle with acid reflux but Jude has an especially tough set of circumstances because he also has had a lot of trauma to his insides and who knows what kind of impact it has had on Jude's feeding and keeping food down abilities. I am truly not even sure what to ask you to pray for. Please pray as you feel lead for Jude's food tolerance and for healing. It is truly awful to see him vomiting so much. He is so little and so helpless...he just wants to feel better and do normal baby things!

As mentioned before, we are weary. It's harder to keep our spirits up when Jude feels so bad. Oh how we long for the day when Jude can enjoy life pain free! We feel SO stretched, but God is with us each step of the way.

But I wanted to ask you all to pray especially for baby Bee. Many of you have been following her CDH journey here:
Please pray Bee and her family tomorrow. Bee will be delivered at MUSC tomorrow morning/afternoon. Please join us in praying for a strong start, strong lungs and for the Lord to give Bee and her family just what they need each moment of the day. You have all been so faithful to pray for us through the many months and I want to ask you to pray diligently and without ceasing for Bee.

I hope to update you on Jude's progress with the recent changes soon! Please pray for a healthy, happy stomach!


  1. Praying hard for Jude!!!! The eating part is so tough - for me, it was the toughest part of the whole hospital stay. I cried more when Dakota was trying to learn to eat then I ever did when she was on ECMO. It seems so simple, yet it is not for our babies. Many, many prayers that Jude's reflux starts to decrease!!!!

  2. Praying, Rose. We have a friend who had a baby over the weekend with CDH. They didn't realize so they took her home and ended up in the ER with her. She immediately went into surgery and they are so thankful that she got help in time. They've got a toddler too and I know they are in for a challenging journey. We do not grow weary in lifting you, Brian, and Jude up to the One who can heal and provide peace through this long journey. Love you!

  3. Hi Rose,
    I am a friend of Baby Bee's mama. Thank you so much for the prayer request for Bee and her family. I'm tied up in knots right now waiting on some news. I'm so glad that they have your support. I know it helps to be able to be with someone who has been there (still there). I will be including Jude in my prayers today as well. Hoping and praying that his feeding issues improve.

  4. Dear Rose, I am praying praying for Jude's digestive system to experience some healing. It must be so hard to watch him throw up constantly and you have already been through so much.

    I also just noticed that Jude was 6 months old yesterday. Although I know you are weary and things are still hard, I wanted to wish him a happy half birthday, to celebrate how far he (and therefor you, Brian and Annabelle) have come.

    God bless.
    Mama to Samuel, lcdh, Feb1/11