Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Birthday coming up!

Can you believe that in a little over a week Jude will be one year old?!?!? (December 6th!)

I'm saving up for a big blog post to celebrate this AMAZING milestone with all of you!

But a few of you have asked what Jude needs for his birthday and honestly our sweet boy has been showered with so many gifts that he does not have a need for toys or clothes. He (and we) are so blessed! So, no gifts please.

We also know that there are other families who are struggling right now. They have sick children at MUSC in Charleston and they are exhausted financially, emotionally and physically. We've been there and know how hard it is...especially during the holiday season. And we are asking that Jude's family and friends to make donations to CrossBridge Ministries in Jude's honor instead of birthday gifts.

CrossBridge cared for us and loved on us in so many ways. We knew we could ALWAYS count on them. Here are just a few of the ways that they took care of us during Jude's stay at MUSC:

They provided many, many meals for our family.
They gave us meal tickets to help us eat for free in the MUSC cafeteria.
They gave us gas cards to make sure that Brian could travel back and forth to work.
They gave us a home to live in rent and bill FREE for Jude's entire hospital stay. (6.5 months)
They provided a way for Annabelle to go to pre-school tuition free while Jude was in the hospital.
They gave Annabelle Christmas presents.
They watched Annabelle so that Brian could take me to the hospital when I was terribly sick.
They watched Annabelle so that Brian and I could have a rare date night.
They PRAYED without CEASING for our Jude. 
And countless other ways.

This list alone convinces me that I will ALWAYS give back to CrossBridge. They keep families afloat when they feel like there is no hope.

Will you consider making a donation to CrossBridge in honor of Jude this year? I promise you that your gift will touch lives. There is no question that this ministry is showing the love of Christ to families who are hurting.

If you are interested in donating, you can mail your check to:
CrossBridge Family Ministries, Inc.
1177 Gregorie Ferry Road
Suite 101
Mount Pleasant S.C. 29466

Or you can visit their website and choose the "GIVE" menu item.

And if you have more questions, please let me know! just.enough.for.the.journey@gmail.com

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  1. A beautiful way to honor Jude. I can't believe he's almost one. Best. Birthday. Ever!