Friday, November 9, 2012

Cold/RSV/Flu Season

Hi friends,
Now that we are in cold/flu season life is going to look a little different for the Morrison family. We are SO excited to be back home and we have really enjoyed seeing so many of our dear friends. But sadly we must go into a time of a somewhat-isolation. 

You see, Jude is doing great overall. But he is still GREATLY at risk for re-hospitalization if he catches any type of respiratory illness. 

You may remember that before Jude had his first diaphragm repair surgery we talked a lot about how Jude’s left lung was significantly smaller than his right. And since his repair (and the two that followed that), Jude’s left (and right) lung has continued to grow. But it is still smaller. And both lungs were pretty beat up by being on a ventilator/oxygen for quite some time.  So, his lungs are significantly less prepared for illnesses. And we want to keep our little guy out of the hospital! 

So, from now until April we are going into “semi-hiding”. Jude won’t be getting out of the house nearly as much as he has in recent weeks. He may still venture out for the occasional visit to Target or the grocery store but his social life is going to be scaled back majorly. 

We are planning to take him to church but we will slip in early and leave early. And you’ll only find us in the back corner…away from the crowd.  

Annabelle will go still do some fun kiddo stuff…but the poor girl will get a bath as soon as she hits the front door. 

We are still open to playing outside with friends as long as the weather doesn’t get too chilly. 

Our home will become our little fortress. Since Sunday this sign has been posted on our door:
Welcome to our Home!
One of our family members is immune deficient.
Please read the following rules before entering:
v  Please do not enter if you are sick, have been sick or have been in contact with someone who is sick in the past 10 days.

v  Please do not enter if you have a cough, sneeze or sore throat. We understand that these can be related to seasonal allergies, but we hope you’ll understand that we aren’t able to take any chances.

v  All visitors must have had their flu shot.

v  When you enter, please remove your shoes and wash your hands for 2 full minutes.

v  Any children that visit must be up to date on their vaccines. Please check with us before bringing any children to visit.

Thank you for helping us protect our loved one this cold/flu season!
It’s hard for us to take a step back into isolation. We are SO excited about being back in Greenville and we want to share our little guy with all our friends. But we also know that this is only “for a season” and that it is the best thing for our little guy. We want to keep him safe and I know that all of you do too. (If someone seems sick…even just a little…we are leaving.)

Please don’t cease contact with our little family because of these new changes. We really want to continue to hear from you…via phone, text, email, facebook, Skype or FaceTime. Our ask Brian or me to go out for coffee/dinner individually. Brian and I hope to have adults (provided that those adults are healthy and well) over in the evenings after the kids go to bed for dinner and fellowship. But we are pretty much keeping our home free from kid visitors since kids are such germ-sharers. He-he! 

Want to spend some time with us but not sure how to work it out or if a certain circumstance is ok? Just ask. Please ask! We still want to be a part of your lives. And in the Spring we will CELEBRATE!!!

But most of all, will you all join us in praying for Jude (and Brian, Annabelle and me) to remain healthy through the winter months? 

Much love!

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  1. We will be praying for your family. We are back in hiding too for the most part.