Monday, January 28, 2013

Audiology update

Hi friends,
Just wanted to give you all a quick update about Jude's recent appointment with audiology.

Everything went really well and at this point Jude doesn't seem to have any hearing loss. We are thankful for such good results. Jude will continue to be followed by audiology until he is school aged. The reason for him being followed for several years is because being placed on ECMO can result in late onset hearing loss. So please join us in continuing to pray for happy. healthy ears!

I've got something new to ask all of you to pray for. Since Jude has been in isolation we've been taking him to church. We arrive early to get seats off to the side by ourselves and we leave early (after communion) to avoid Jude being touched by all of the dear people who love him (but might have a cold or the flu). But the last two Sundays have been difficult for us. You see, Jude wants to talk and move these days...and that makes it really hard for us to keep him in the sanctuary during church. And we have been leaving the sanctuary but these days Jude just squirms and cries because he just wants to get down and crawl. But he can't. Just too much of a risk of picking up germs on the floor during these winter months. So, yesterday Brian and I decided that it was time for us to start taking turns attending church. Each Sunday one of us will take Annabelle to church while the other stays home with Jude. It was a really hard choice....but we know it is best for Jude. It's hard for us because we already feel so disconnected during this isolation period. But our hearts are sad about not being able to worship together. We know that it is just a season but it is still hard. Will you pray for us?

One day our little man will be able to join all his little buddies at church in the nursery...but until that day he's gotta stay home and stay healthy. Oh Spring....come quickly!!!!

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  1. Praise God for Jude's good report at the doctors!! No hearing loss!! Yes!! ;-D
    I am so sorry that you have to isolate yourselves during cold and flu season!! But, it will be worth it. You just wait and see!! ;)