Monday, January 28, 2013

Photo update

 Just my handsome, cloth diapered, blue eyed boy
 This is Jude in his walker that he LOVED for awhile (now he is too busy trying to cruise on furniture). This picture brings me such joy. My two sweet kiddos enjoying life together. Making a mess and loving every moment of it!
 Jude looking sweet in his high chair. I think on this day he was playing in spaghetti.
 Our happy little gingerbread house builder. This kiddo LOVED Christmas this year!
 The first picture of Jude standing in his crib. This is the first time he did it! Love his sleepy eyes.
 Two sweet brother and sister Christmas photos.

Jude's favorite toy right now. He is pulling up ALL THE TIME!
I am sad to say that we are without photos of Jude's 1st birthday party. My mom took photos for us and they were on our computer before "the crash". But for some reason they disappeared when the computer was being restored. I hope to have them reloaded the next time I see my mom.

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  1. Just Enough For The Journey....
    Jude has a scar across his abdomen like me!! Only mine is on the opposite side!! Oh.... By the way? It is my favorite scar.... Always has been!! I have no clue why.... I love that picture!! ;)