Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May Update

Hi again! :)

Time for your monthly Jude update...

Jude has been BUSY again!

Since my last post Jude figured out how to drink via zippy cup and just last week he figured out how to use a straw! Big steps (or I guess big sips) for our little guy! He is having to work extra hard when drinking out of a straw but he is getting the hang of it pretty quickly! In the last week he has been drinking more and more by mouth. We are super excited about his progress! The g-tube will remain with him still but we plan to talk with Dr. Hebra and his favorite MUSC team in August about their thoughts on when to remove Jude's g-tube.

Jude has also learned how to eat with a spoon and he has nearly mastered eating with a fork. Here's a little video of his spoon skills:

This past weekend my parents were in town to watch Annabelle in her first dance recital (she was SO cute and she had a BLAST!). When they first arrived at our front door Jude was working on walking with our awesome physical therapist, Kacie. As I opened the door he saw my parents and took several steps towards them with a giant grin on his face. He hasn't stopped walking since. He's on the move and on his way!

In not so fun news....
Since our last post Jude had a cold, followed by an ear infection and then a week later an infection in his g-tube. Those were some seriously not fun days for our sweet boy. But he has pushed through and recovered well.

But, we have some great things planned for this summer:
- 1st trip to the zoo
- 1st trip to the lake
- 1st family vacation
- 1st visit to the neighborhood pool
- 1st 4th of July get together (big deal in our family each year)

I'm sure there will be even more exciting events in Jude's summer!

Especially with his awesome big sister by his side.


  1. It's encouraging to read about Jude eating!!! Our CDHer, Wyatt, is on a g-tube and we are working on eating as well! I think Jude is about 6 or 7 months older than Wyatt so we can just kind of follow along! :-) Praise God for good progress!

  2. great news and glad to here that he is eating and drinking. Glad he is doing better.

  3. Rose....
    Good job, Jude!! Drinking orally is a wonderful milestone!! Plus eating with spoons/forks!! And walking!! Praise God!! May there be many, many, many more milestones for Jude to come!! ;-D
    Yikes!! I am glad that Jude is all better!! ;)
    It sounds like you have your entire Summer planned!! Fun!! Do not forget to Blog about all of your Summer adventures!! I will be waiting to read them!! ;-D