Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our God who heals

This is a short little post...but I just wanted to share this with you....

At bedtime tonight, Annabelle, Jude and I snuggled up into Annabelle's bed. (Brian was working late tonight)

We read the story of Jarius' sick daughter from the Jesus Storybook Bible. As many of you may remember Jarius' goes to Jesus to ask him to heal his daughter who is very ill. And as Jesus is traveling to Jarius' house to encounters a crowd and a woman that also needs healing. And by the time He arrives Jarius' daughter has died. I can only imagine the depth of the hope that was followed by the immense pain that Jarius and his family felt in that moment.

But Jesus tells Jarius and his family that his daughter is not dead, she is simply sleeping. And he speaks to her...she awakens...and rises from her bed. A true, amazing miracle. As I read this story to my sweet children I imagined the joy and the amazement felt by Jarius and his family. They witnessed the complete healing of their daughter.

And as I snuggled up to my kiddos I was reminded that we've been witness to a miracle as well! Jude should have died....many times. But the Lord provided miracles and healing for our son. How thankful we are to have witness a truly miraculous healing!

And then I was reminded also of the sweet babies with parents who prayed for miracles...just like us. But the Lord choose for their complete healing to be with His loving arms.

My heart rejoices from the joy I've been given from having my son with us today. But my heart is also holding closely all of you out there who have lost your precious children. We did not lose Jude. But we nearly closely I could taste death's sting. And I just feel it is important to tell you that you (parents of children who left so early) are not forgotten. And your children are close to our hearts as well. We will always remember and pray for you. Always.


  1. Rose....
    I wrote this on my Blog the other day. I thought I'd share it here. "Memorial Day is also observed by some who have lost loved ones in general {No pun intended!!}. That being mentioned, may I take a moment to remember every grieving Mom and Dad of babies/children who were born with congenital diaphragmatic hernia {My birth defect} and did not survive. Every so often, I stumble across Blogs or Web sites about a mother's C.D.H. "angel". And my heart breaks. Into a million pieces. It just hits home for me. These babies/children were soldiers all the same, superheroes who lost the battle against C.D.H. . I feel equally akin to them, as I do with survivors.".
    I am so very grateful that Jude is continuously thriving!! So very grateful. ;-D

  2. Thanks so much for remembering ours too. Its means the world to us. We rejoice with you just as much as your's makes it and our CDHers don't. Thanks for your sweet and caring heart.