Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Help for our pup!

Hi friends,
Many of you have been reading our blog for quite some time now and you already know about our adorable dog-children, Winnie and Saucy.

Before Jude was born, our doggies went to live with foster families so that they could be loved on in our absence. Winnie went to live with a wonderful family with three awesome little boys and Saucy went to live with a wonderful lady who could give him one on one attention.

Winnie and Saucy's foster families have blessed us greatly with their care for our pups while we are away. It was such a blessing to know that they were safe and well cared for while we cared for Jude in Charleston.

After much prayer and consideration, Brian and I made the decision that we must give up our doggies. It breaks our hearts to make this choice. We don't know what the next few weeks, months or years will look like...but we do know that Jude will need a little extra care and that his sweet sister will need our extra time too. We are quite certain that we will be traveling often for Jude's doctors appointments and follow ups...and our financial situation has changed and will change quite a bit in the future.

We are certain that we will not be the best doggie-parents that we can be right now.

We are so excited that Winnie will become a permanant member of the family who has been fostering her. They have fallen in love with her and they are all excited about the fact that she gets to stay with them! We are truly thankful that Winnie has found a happy home.

Saucy's foster mommy has been so sweet and has spoiled him quite well. We are truly, truly thankful for the kindness she has shown our family by caring for Saucy.  As much as she would like to, she is unable to have him stay with her as a permanent part of her family.

So, we are asking you...our dear blogger friends, to help us find a happy home for our sweet Saucy. Ideally, we'd love to find a home for Saucy March 23rd. Will you help us?

If you or someone you know would be interested in having Saucy as a part of your/their family please let us know. He is truly a loyal, sweet little guy. He is best suited for a single person or a family without children. He is a blond and an excellent ball "fetcher". He is about 7 years old and is up to date on his shots too.

If you can't help with finding Saucy a home, will you pray that we will? If we don't find him a home we are not sure what we will do with him. We know we won't be home for another month or so...and he will not have anyone to care for him after March 23rd. So our need is great.

Thank you friends!
Please email us with any ideas!


  1. Please give more details about Saucy. Honestly I am not looking for an addition to our family but my husband has been looking for quite awhile. So give some more details please.

  2. Hi Beckie!
    Thank you for writing!

    Here are a few details about Saucy:
    He is around 7 years old and is a rescue dog. We got him from the animal shelter when he was a puppy.
    He is blond (I'd be happy to email a picture to you if you want to send me an email at and is a mixed breed (even though the animal shelter told us that he was a Corgi mix).
    He is a healthy little guy who really enjoys being outside and fetching a ball. He is happy sleeping anywhere and has spent time sleeping in a crate, on a dog bed and on the kitchen floor. He's pretty flexible as long as he is love on. :)
    Let's see....he is up to date on shots and heartworm meds right now and has no known health issues.
    What other questions can I answer? Feel free to email me or facebook message me.

  3. P.S. He is perfectly content to be a mostly outside dog too. He just likes to come inside once and awhile to cool off if needed. :)