Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Surgery's Over, and Everything Went Well!

We just met Jude and the docs as they passed by the waiting room, and everything went well! The TP tube was successfully advanced into his pylorus, and as we indicated in our last post, the BROVIAC catheter is in place. He's intubated and under anesthesia, and it sounds like it may take a day or two to get him weaned on his vent settings such that he can be extubated to some lower form of respiratory support.

Thank you for prayers and encouragement! Praise God that things went so well! We'll keep you all posted in the hours and days to come as Jude begins his feeds and as he's weaned on his respiratory support.

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  1. just finished intercessory prayer meeting and you all were prayed for....Praise the Lord for successful surgeries!