Friday, March 30, 2012

Update: Jude In Radiology to Have Feeding Tube Unkinked

When I pulled into the parking garage at the hospital this morning, I got a call from the NICU informing me that Jude was being prepared to go down to Radiology so his TP (feeding) tube could be unkinked. As indicated in last night's post, we discovered yesterday afternoon that Jude's TP tube was apparently kinked and, therefore, it couldn't be used to feed him. Since such pains were taken to place the TP tube under anesthesia on Wednesday, and since feeding Jude through the tube will enhance his nutrition and purportedly increase the likelihood of a good outcome to his future hernia repair surgery, the medical staff want to ensure the tube is in working order so they can attempt feeding him.

Jude's nurse just gave me an update, and it sounds like the radiologist is going to switch out the kind of tubing that was in Jude's GI tract for another one that may be less likely to kink. It sounds like Jude's tolerating the manipulation of the tubing pretty well, even though he's only sedated and not under general anesthesia. He can get pretty angry sometimes when he's messed with, and the little man is really strong, so please pray that he'll be docile!


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