Thursday, September 8, 2011

Meeting with the Cardiologist

Hi friends,
Thank you for being so faithful in praying for Jude! We truly felt your prayers this morning at our appointment with the cardiologist! We were both anxious and worried but we were also hopeful and trusting the Lord with his plans for Jude.

Like Brian, I thought that I would also use bullets to tell you a little more about our appointment today:
  • During the first part of our appointment we had an ultrasound to get Jude's measurements and to check my amniotic fluid levels. We learned that Jude is measuring a little bigger (good news!) and that he is already around two pounds and five ounces. I am around 26 weeks pregnant, but according to his growth they estimate that he has progressed to seem like we are more like 28 weeks along. We also learned that my amniotic fluid levels are a little higher. Last week I was at 20cm, but today I was at 22cm. 22cm is not great, but it could be much worse. I believe that they will start to get concerned if I exceed 25cm. 
  • During the second part of the appointment we had another ultrasound with the cardiologist. Jude was quite wiggly and it took a long time to get pictures that the doctor was satisfied with. Eventually Jude turned and settled into a position that was desirable for getting a good look at his heart. And in the end the cardiologist told us that Jude's heart looked very healthy and that he did not see any sign of VSD!!! This was an answer to our prayers. We were truly hoping that the Lord would spare him from having a VSD so that his battle after his birth would only be the problems associated with his CDH. 
  • And at the last and final part of our appointment we met with our perinatologist to discuss the results we received. Like us, he was very pleased to hear that Jude did not have a VSD. He also said that they would be working to set up appointments with the perinatologist, neonatologist and pediatric surgeon at MUSC to help us decide if MUSC is where we would like to deliver. We should have dates for our visit/meetings in the next few days. 
How you can pray for us:
1. Please pray that my amniotic fluid levels stay below 25cm. They have fluctuated a little in the last few weeks, so hopefully they will go down a little in the next week or so.
2. Next week I will have my test for gestational diabetes. Please pray that I pass this with no problem. I don't think that I will have it, but it is always a possibility. It would be great to not have to worry about gestational diabetes in addition to all we are worried about.
3. Please pray for our visit to MUSC! Pray that the Lord will help us find a clear and certain answer about our decision to deliver there.

What we are thankful for:
1. The many prayers that were lifted up for Jude and our hope that he would not have a VSD. Thank you for your commitment to pray for our little guy. We are SO thankful for the news we got today!
2. Our friends and family. I feel like I am repeating this "thankful for" every week but it is true! We are overwhelmed by the love and support that so many of you have offered over the last several weeks. The emails, calls, visits, meals, gifts, hugs, texts, etc. have meant SO MUCH to us. Each day we see ways that the Lord is loving on us through all of you!

Brian, Rose and Annabelle :)
P.S. A few of our friends and family are hosting an online shower for Jude in November. To learn more about how this will happen, click HERE. We are overwhelmed and thankful for such a blessing!

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