Friday, September 30, 2011


Hi friends,
Just wanted to get a short little blog post in while little miss Annabelle is napping.

This week was tough for me physically. I felt so much pressure and I was so tired. I also had some major contractions sporadically throughout the week. Needless to say, the pressure and the contractions really freaked me out. So much so that Brian stayed home from work to take care of me (and Annabelle) so that I could get some extra rest.

In the end, I went to see my OB a few days early because I was so worried that my amniotic fluid levels were again on the rise. I was so anxious and worried.

But guess what?? My amniotic fluid levels are actually lower!!!

I was so sure that they were higher, so I made them check twice. I was at 30cm and currently I am at 24cm.

Praise the God who hears our prayers.

Thank you to all of you who have prayed with us for my amniotic fluid levels! Please continue to pray!

We are truly thankful for a good report and we also realize that these levels may continue to go up and down. But over the last few days we have been celebrating the good news! Please rejoice with us and lift of prayers of thanksgiving too!

As for why I was feeling so badly, it is kind of a toss up between feeling pressure a little earlier because it is my second pregnancy and also because even though my amniotic levels are at 24cm, this is still not the normal measurement for a 29 week pregnancy. So, the pressure is normal. Just not comfortable. And the contractions are normal. Just as long as there aren't six or more in an hour.

Well, I'm off! Annabelle is singing sweetly in her room now. We will update you more as we can.


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