Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Hi friends,
Thank you for your prayers for my gestational diabetes test this week. I passed! We are so thankful that I do not have gestational diabetes because that means one less concern on our minds during the next few weeks of our pregnancy. Thank you for continuing to lift us up in prayer. There are days when our hearts feel overwhelmed in knowing that so many people are praying for us.

Right now I am just past 28 weeks pregnant and on my way through our third trimester. I had a OB appointment last week and found out that my amniotic fluid level is now at 25cm. (During week 28 of pregnancy, amniotic fluid levels should be around 14 to 16cm.) As I understand it, 25cm is kind of the cut off for "normal-high" levels. So, now my amniotic fluid level is high. After a little research I have discovered that some CDH moms have had levels MUCH higher than 25. (One mom was at 37cm before delivery) So, right now we are keeping thankful hearts for the fact that we are on the lower end of high! I have another OB appointment on Friday to check on my amniotic fluid levels again.

How you can pray for us:
1. Pray that my amniotic fluid levels would begin to even out or even drop in the next few weeks. It would be wonderful to know that my amniotic fluid levels were lower because higher levels put me at risk for pre-term labor. And we'd really like for Jude to deliver as close to his due date as possible. I have had a total of three mild contractions (which we were told to expect) in the last 2 weeks. It scared me quite a bit, but they were all mild and had no lasting impact. Please also pray that I will not have any "productive" contractions until we are ready to deliver Jude!
2. We will be visiting MUSC in October to meet with several of the doctors about Jude's care. Please pray for clarity in our communications and for a sense of peace about any choices that are made in regards to Jude's care. We are anxious to have this meeting, but nervous about hearing about how things will go medically. Please pray that we will feel the Lord's presence with us throughout our day.

What we are thankful for:
1. Our Mothers! My mom and Brian's mother are alternating weeks and coming to our house for a few days to help out around the house and to help with Annabelle. It is such a joy to have them here (Annabelle TOTALLY agrees!) and it has kept me off my feet. I've been able to rest, reflect and take naps. What an amazing blessing.
2. Our upcoming babymoon! After our visit with the doctors at MUSC, Brian and I are doing to take a few days of R&R in Charleston. Some of our extended family members have a wonderful apartment in Charleston (in an awesome location!) that they are letting us stay in during our visit. What a tremendous blessing! We plan on sleeping in, eating well and savoring our time together.


  1. I just read all of your story for the first time tonight. I cannot imagine how trying this has been for you and your family. I am so thankful you have Jesus to carry you through. I will certainly be in prayer for Jude, for you, your family, and the health care workers involved. I am so grateful for your parents and their support! Praise Jesus for mothers!

  2. Thank you SO much for writing and for praying for Jude and our family. We truly appreciate your prayers. Blessings!