Monday, May 7, 2012

Getting back on track

Hi friends!
Just wanted to give all of you a quick update on our sweet little man!

Jude has been busy since my post on is what he has been up to:

1. The docs have continued to wean Jude's ventilator settings and he appears to be very close to coming off the ventilator! We are so excited that his lungs are happy and becoming more and more ready to work on their own. Please pray that he will not experience any setbacks or illnesses that would prevent him from coming off the ventilator.

2. This weekend they held Jude's feeds because he was "backed up" and having trouble stooling and passing gas. (Jude is going to hate me for some of the topics in these blog posts when he is a teenager!) Things seem to be resolved today and they resumed feeding Jude into his intestine at 2ml an hour. It is a small start but it is a small step in the right direction! Please join us in praying that Jude's digestion will go well and that he will not experience any problems with feeds.

3. Jude's chest tube dressing was removed and Jude's incision site is already healing well. Dr. Hebra is very pleased with how Jude is healing. Praise God! I still cannot believe that we are on the other side of such a scary surgery! Thank you for praying and praising with us!

4. Jude is such a wiggle worm! He has really been enjoying his toys by grabbing for them, shaking them and pulling them close. He is also getting quite good at kicking his legs to move some of the toys that are hanging above his bed. He also seems to enjoy watching himself exercise in the mirror. It is so cute to watch him getting so active! He has been working with PT for several days now and today he enjoyed some time with his sweet OT, Katy. We are thrilled that a more active Jude is on the horizon! Please pray for his little body to grow strong and ready for the new physical challenges ahead!

5. Jude's medication is being weaned very slowly to be sure that he is not experiencing any pain or discomfort that may be lingering from surgery. Weaning off of these meds is a long process and it can be tough on our little guy. Please pray for minimal withdrawals and easy weaning.

6. I held Jude on Sunday and Brian held him today! It was SO good to snuggle up close to our little man! (More pictures of Jude soon!)

Jude is now over such a big hurdle in his journey...but there is still a long journey ahead of him. Please continue to pray for good health, strength and good nutrition.

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  1. Every day Jude is teaching us how Faithful our God is. Thank you God, thank you Jude.