Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Not quite sure

Hi friends,
Just wanted to give you a quick update on our little guy Jude.

Yesterday was a tough one for Jude...but as of right now we aren't totally sure what is bothering our little guy.

Yesterday it was my morning to visit with Jude and I spent some time playing with him, went to rounds and held him. He seemed a little fussy in the beginning but as the morning passed I grew more and more concerned about the way that Jude was acting. He was really weepy and wanted to snuggle extra. He just wasn't playing like he has been. His heart rate and rate of respiration were also higher than they've been over the last few days. And he had a slightly raised temperature.

So, I notified his nurse of my concerns and she went to get one of Jude's doctors. As I was waiting for the doctor to come to Jude's bedside I started playing with his feet and noticed that he seemed to wince and cry when I lifted his left leg. So, then the nurse and I looked in his diaper and noticed that the area where he had a femoral line (from his surgery) in was red.

The doctor (his resident) came in and checked Jude over and then the fellow and the attending doctors came over as well. They ordered a chest x-ray (which turned out perfectly fine with no concerns), drew some blood for cultures/tests, and did an ultrasound on the swollen femoral area.

We are now waiting to see if Jude's blood cultures are going to grow anything to see if he might have some sort of infection. The ultrasound showed some inflammation in the femoral area and therefore they started him on antibiotics in case there is an infection.

This morning Jude seemed a more perky during his visit with his daddy but he also seemed to be a little "junky" when his nurse listened to his lungs today.

Basically right now we are scratching our heads and wondering just what is going on with our little man. He's just not himself and he needs some extra love.

Will you pray for Jude's recent illness? Please pray that whatever is plaguing him will resolve quickly. Please pray that this will not become a major illness. Please pray that it will not turn into something more severe.

As Jude's mommy it is getting so hard to watch him face battle after battle. It just broke my heart yesterday to see him so weak and tired from whatever was bothering him. It is so hard to leave him each day. I just want to stay with him and cuddle him until he is well. I want so badly to have him in my arms anytime that I want to.

So, that is the update for now. As far as I know the plan is still to have Jude moved to the PICU next week sometime. We will update you as we learn more about what is making Jude feel so crummy.

Blessings to all of you!


  1. Breaking my heart to read this, Rose. Yes, prayers, prayers, prayers!!!

  2. I am praying that he feels better soon! I want to see more pictures of happy Jude!

  3. I hope Jude is having a better day today. I am thinking about and praying for you guys.

  4. Poor baby...cant even begin to imagine the stress and confusion you are dealing with. Praying for Jude