Thursday, May 10, 2012

A good day

Just wanted to give all of you a quick update on Jude...he was successfully extubated (taken off the ventilator) today at 2:30pm and placed on Vapotherm (at 5 liters and 40% O2 for all of the other CDHer families out there!).

Brian was able to hold him (I was home with Annabelle) once he was on Vapotherm and he said that he looked comfortable and happy. The doctors and nurses were also pleased with his blood gas 30 minutes after extubation. Hooray!

Please join us in thanking the Lord for such a good day for Jude and please join us in also praying that Jude will be able to remain off the ventilator. Pray for good, hearty, healthy lungs!

Brian will likely post another blog sometime tomorrow with an update on how Jude is handling Vapotherm...Annabelle and I are heading out for an overnight trip to celebrate my sisters graduation from graduate school! We are all so proud of her!

Please pray for safe travel and for my "mommy nerves" to remain calm! Please pray that Brian and Jude will have a good boys night together! :)

Thanks be to God for this glorious day!

P.S. Pictures soon!