Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tomorrow may be a big day!

Hi friends,
Just a quick update for all of you this lovely Wednesday morning!

Jude had a good day and continues to be on very low settings on his ventilator! Yahoo!

The hope is that Jude will come off the ventilator tomorrow sometime. He will be moved to vapotherm again...we are thrilled! Please pray that Jude will have a good night and that all will continue towards a good extubation tomorrow!

In other news:
- The docs are continuing to wean his sedation and medication and thus far Jude is handling it quite well.

- Jude's tummy troubles seem to be doing better overall, however, he threw up this afternoon when Brian was visiting. Not quite sure what to think of that but I am certain that we will discuss it in rounds tomorrow. For now they turned his suction tube in his tummy back on to help with all his gastric juices. Jude is currently still being fed in his intestine but the eventual hope is that he will be able to tolerate feeds in his stomach.

- Jude has been getting a little bit of PT and OT and we are excited about him going back to vapotherm because this means that Jude can get even more active!

- Jude's incision is still healing very well! Praise God!

More great news:
Many of you have been praying for baby Lily who also has CDH. Lily was extubated today for the first time since she was born! What a glorious day!! Her parents are THRILLED! We know what an event this is to celebrate because it means that Lily's lungs are growing stronger and stronger.

Today another song came to my mind: I am Ready for the Storm by Rich Mullins...these lyrics in particular stood out to me:

The distance it is no real friend
And time will take its time
And you will find that in the end
It brings you me
This lonely sailor
And when You take me by the hand
And You love me, Lord, You love me
And I should have realized
I had no reasons to be frightened

A-men. And a-men again.


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  1. Rose, I am so thrilled to hear that Jude is continuing to make progress. Hooray!!!