Monday, August 13, 2012

Back in the hospital.....but temporarily, we hope.

Hey, folks -- it's Brian. It's been a long and somewhat eventful day, but here's a quick update:

The big news is that Jude has been readmitted to MUSC Children's Hospital. His doctors feel that his increased vomiting / feeding intolerance warrants attention and that he may need a feeding tube advanced into his small intestine or maybe even IV nutrition to alleviate his symptoms.

The short-term plan for Jude's care is a little unclear at the moment, as his surgeon is out of town and the pediatric surgery team that's in the hospital is deliberating about what should be done right now. We'll keep you all informed as we learn more.

If you would, please pray for Jude and for the staff taking care of him. Jude's problems are a little thorny because of his complicated medical history, so please pray that God would provide a clear way forward as the doctors and nurses here care for him and articulate a plan.

Also, please pray for us and our families as we figure out the logistics of another hospital stay.

Thank you all for checking on us and praying for us. We'll keep you posted.

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