Sunday, August 5, 2012

Helmet and mustache

 Showing off his helmet...notice we are having a little more luck with the taping of his ng tube!
Jude and his big sister. Annabelle and I had a little fun that day drawing a mustache on Jude's sweet little face.

What is Jude up to?
- Still trying to eat by mouth...he is handling a little bit more every day
- Learning to sit up and steady himself
- Throwing up much less due to a change in his formula and an increase in some of his reflux medication
- Playing, enjoying and smiling at his big sister
- Venturing outside on the farm to enjoy a little sunshine, the doggies and the dirt

What can you pray for?
- Continued progress with Jude's GI issues. Pray for even less throwing up and for the ability to compress his feeds even more. (He is still currently fed 23 of 24 hours a day) We will take Jude to see his awesome GI doctor on Wednesday and we are hoping for some new changes.
- We still want our little guy to eat by mouth. We think he will like it once he gets it...and we want to get rid of this blasted ng tube!!!

There is another post coming up...stay tuned!

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