Friday, August 31, 2012

He is home again...and it took me three days to let you all know!

First off, let me say...

Jude is home!!!!

I apologize for not formally announcing it on the blog sooner. As soon as we got word from the doctors that we could take our little guy home I had the car packed. We we ready to break out of that hospital as soon as possible!

We love the folks at MUSC, but man, we'd already spent more than 200 days there.

So, I want to rewind a little bit...remember this little guy?
Cute...but not so happy. This is the way that Jude had to sleep each night before his recent surgery. Jude LOVED to try to pull his ng tube out and this was the only way to keep that blasted tube in his nose. The sweet little guy slept like this every night. I know he was miserable.
What is funny is that we took this picture to show to one of Jude's doctors to advocate for a g-tube. We had no idea that later that day we would find out that Jude had re-herniated and that Jude would begin his hard (but worth it) journey towards a g-tube (and Nissen).

So, here are a few photos of Jude's journey in the hospital (did not have the ability to upload them during Jude's stay):
Reading books to pass the time
Pre-surgery with Mommy
Pre-surgery with Daddy

Post surgery - we really did not want to see this again. But he pulled through SO QUICKLY!
My smiling boy just days after surgery!!!!

I also want to share this picture (or list) with all of you:
This is a schedule for all the medications that Jude took before surgery. After surgery and this last hospital stay he is only taking one medication, iron and infant vitamins! How incredible is that?!?! Praise God!

The last three days have been filled with balancing life with two kiddos. I'm feeding Jude every four hours (through his g-tube, over a 1 hour period). I'm also working with him on oral feeds least three times a day I try to get him to eat a little baby food with his formula. He is taking more food by mouth than ever before. (We still have a long way to go) We are amazed by the progress he has made. And we are pumped about him starting up his therapies next week.

I hope to update again later this week and share some recent pictures of our little guy at home. The difference in Jude's demeanor is HUGE. He just plain feels better. Praise God for providing a way to Jude to feel like a normal little baby.

God bless you all...keep praying! 


  1. Rose, you are one awesom momma!! Praying for you and your boy and the rest of your fam. You all need one long vacation - and I imagine tons of sleep.