Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Update: Hernia Repair Is Going Well!

I just got a call from one of the OR nurses with a surgery update: Everything is going well! Dr. Hebra is reportedly nearing the end of the hernia repair procedure, and he's been able to accomplish everything through an abdominal incision; therefore, he won't need to cut open Jude's chest to attempt a dual approach. That's great news! Also, since the OR nurse made no mention of it during our conversation, it sounds like there was no need to remove Jude's spleen. Praise God!

Once Dr. Hebra has completed the hernia repair, the next part of the surgery will involve placement of a G-tube. Provided the G-tube procedure goes well, the final part of the surgery will be the Nissen anti-reflux procedure, which will involve the use of stitches to wrap the upper part of Jude's stomach around the end of his esophagus.

We are really encouraged and thankful for the good news we've received so far! Please continue to pray with us that the rest of the surgery goes well! More to come!

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