Monday, November 7, 2011

An eventful appointment

Hi again!

I had another appointment this morning (one of two this week) and had an opportunity to see our sweet Jude via ultrasound! His little face was so sweet and his checks are getting so chubby. We can see him so clearly (apparently this is one of the benefits of having high amniotic fluid levels because it is easier to get clearer pictures when there is so much fluid) and it is such a blessing to see the little details of his face. As usual, he was quite active and it continues to be a fun to watch him kick and move.

But I also knew that my fluid levels were going to be higher. I could tell right away that one of the "pockets" the ultrasound tech was measuring was much deeper than I'd noticed before. After several measurements and re-measurements, it was determined that I my amniotic fluid level was at 34cm. This is our highest measurement yet. I guess I was kind of expecting this because I've really been uncomfortable and it has been getting harder and harder to breathe, but I was hopeful that maybe things were going to even out.

So, after it was discovered that we were at 34cm our doctor decided that we needed to be monitored to check Jude's heart rate and to see if I was having any contractions. So, I was on the monitor for about 25-30 minutes and everything was ok. Jude did fine and I only had 2 practice contractions (Braxton Hicks). Next, they checked my cervix and there were no signs that I was heading towards labor just yet.

I must admit, I was quite scared when they decided to monitor us. I was so worried that they were going to send us to Charleston right away. I was praying the whole time and sent out a few texts to a few close friends asking for prayers.

Our doctor said I was ok to go home, but he said that I must continue to take it easy. He told me what to look for to indicate signs of labor and I feel well prepared on what to do if I see these signs.Thank you to all of you who have helped  me rest through meals, watching Annabelle and praying for us.

After today's scare we have decided that I need to take it easier a little more during the next two weeks that we are still at home. (Seriously, can it be two more weeks until our move?) We want to put off early labor at least until we get to Charleston.

So, sadly many of you may not see me out and about as much as I had hoped I would be just before our move. Simply walking and getting around tends to wear me out and we think it is best to just relax as much as possible. I may or may not make it to MOPS, bible study and church. But please know that we love you all and that we appreciate your prayers!! Thank you for remembering us!

I should have more information on our upcoming prayer vigil on Jude's date of birth in the next few days and I promise to post that as soon as I can.

We hope to continue to update our blog as often as we can before and after Jude's birth to keep all of you informed about how you can pray for Jude. We are also hoping to update our facebooks after his birth too. And the blog: can keep you informed about the needs we may have before and after Jude's birth. (There should be some updates coming soon)

We are truly blessed by all of you and thankful that the Lord has given us so many dear friends!

What I am thankful for:
Brian! My sweet hubby has done so much to care for me and Annabelle. Not only is he worked his regular job but he is also coming home and taking care of all of our home needs: laundry, dishes, playing with Annabelle, meals, baths for Annabelle, picking up around the house and helping me stay off my feet. I know he must be exhaused but he hasn't complained one bit. I'm one blessed wife!

What you can pray for:
Amniotic fluid levels and no pre-term labor...I guess this will continue to be our prayer requests until Jude is here! Pray that we will be able to remain at home until we have to go to Charleston...we'd rather not go early!

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  1. Rose, I was thinking of you this morning. I am so thankful all went well for you in your check up today. I will continue to pray for no early labor and lower amniotic fluid for you. Most of all I will be thanking God ahead of time for being so faithful in loving and caring for Jude and for you. Thank you Lord for ALL you are doing and will continue to do for this sweet family. In Jesus Name, Amen Love, Chris Lawson