Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Super quick post

Hi friends,
I apologize if this blog seems unorganized or messy. Right now I am using the free internet at the library to check emails/facebook/blog/etc. We do not have internet at the house where we are staying so our access to the blog is very limited right now. (and the library closes in 30minutes!)
So, I will cut to the chase:
What we are thankful for:
1. A good meeting with the pediatric surgeon this morning. He was very encouraging but also honest. He also informed us that Jude's liver is not in his chest. It only appears that his stomach and intestines have moved into his chest. Apparently having the liver below his diaphragm is something very positive because statistically babies with CDH and their liver in their chest struggle much more.
2. A stress free move and a wonderful place to stay. The home where we are staying is cozy and such a happy place to be. We are truly thankful. We are also surrounded by some wonderful families that are a part of Cross Bridge ministry. Additionally, I found out yesterday that one of my dear friends only lives 2 miles away!
3. We are thankful for time with each other. Brian and I have been just the two of us since Sunday and it's been so nice to reconnect and slow down a little bit before life gets a little crazy.
4. Our amazing friends who are caring for our home while we are away!
5. Nana, Papa Jack, Gee Gee, Aunt Becca, Uncle Jimmy, Jackson, Leah and Faith: They've all been caring for Annabelle since Sunday and she is having a BLAST!!! We will see her tomorrow and we cannot wait!

What you can pray for:
1. My OB appointment tomorrow afternoon. Pray for no new news! :) At this point we would love for Jude to stay put until December 6th, but we are confident that things would be ok if natural labor started between now and then.
2. Internet access. It might seem like a silly request, but it has been tough not having it at our fingertips. We are unable to pay bills online, communicate with work/friends/etc. and just perform every day tasks that we usually did with ease at home. We anticipate that we will have access to internet sometime before Jude's birth. Please pray that setting this up falls easily into place without any problems. For now we will visit the library as we can to check email, etc.
3. Next week Brian will work the full week at home in Simpsonville. This will be the longest that Annabelle and I have been away from him. We will really miss him and I'm sure he will miss us too.

I haven't forgotten to post about the amazing baby shower we had on Saturday. I am hoping to type it up before heading to the library next time and then quickly post it for all of you. It was truly one of the most meaningful days of our lives. We truly felt surrounded in love. Thank you everyone!

Ok, signing off for now! Until next time!

Oh! I almost forgot. Some of you have asked about updates on the day of Jude's birthday. We are planning to have my dad updating our blog and both of our facebooks that day. If you are not our friend on facebook, but you would like to see updates please feel free to friend us!


  1. so glad you are able to get to the library and update. we are praying daily for you guys. for jude to stay put and keep growing. for y'alls time together pre-jude. for God's tender mercies and grace to wrap you tightly. for all doctors and caregivers involved. happy thanksgiving.

  2. We are thankful for the opportunity to stay connected with you, Rose and Brian, and your family. We will continue to pray for Jude and you, especially. I know little Annabelle is surrounded by love and good care. Safe travels for Brian and that God will use this time for Brian to prepare for the weeks ahead.
    Father, Thank you for your faithfulness to this sweet family. Continue to place your Hand on Jude and Rose and keep them from all harm. Give Jude safe passage into this world. Lord, You have already attended to every detail for Jude to join us, just as You attend to our Forever Home in preparing it for us when we return home to be with You. You are a God of Detail.....You are in every aspect of our lives and we thank you for Your great love. Prepare our hearts now to receive this small baby into our midst. Fill us with Your Love. In Jesus Holy Name. Amen