Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14th

This morning I had my first of two (maybe three) doctor's visits this week. Everything with Jude checked out fine and our little guy is as wiggly as ever. I never get tired of seeing his sweet face through the ultrasound!

Unfortunately, my amniotic fluid has increased again. I am now at a whopping 38cm!


But Jude seems to be cozy and happy staying put for now. Please continue to pray that my body will continue to tolerate the higher levels of amniotic fluid. Right now it still seems that I am not heading towards pre-term labor but we would like for things to remain this way (at least until we get to Charleston).I am resting nearly all the time and I am feeling quite huge and uncomfortable but I'm happy that Jude seems to be happy to stay inside me a little longer.

What you can pray for:
  • Lower or stable amniotic fluid!
  • Jude's continued happy state inside his mommy
  • Our transition and move to Charleston on Monday. I cannot believe that we are one week away from our move.
What we are thankful for:
  • Restful, sweet days together
  • A fun evening at our home with two of our favorite people, Kim and Gary
  • The (online) baby shower on Saturday! (We hope to share photos and video soon after) P.S. And when you see these pictures, no laughing at how HUGE my belly has become!

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