Sunday, November 6, 2011

One Month...

If the Lord wills it we will meet our sweet baby, Jude in one month.

One month!!!

We are also two weeks away from our temporary move to Charleston/Mt. Pleasant.


We have had a calendar on our fridge showing us how many days are left until we move and until Jude's delivery date. I cannot believe that we are so close. I'm afraid, but I am also excited and hopeful.

Things are beginning to come together for our move. Our emergency bags are packed and I've been starting our packing for our temporary move. We've worked our our tentative schedule for the whens and wheres of Annabelle and Brian for the next several weeks. Our sweet doggies will go to live with their foster families next Sunday. The sweet little stuffed frog that I ordered for Jude was delivered to our house yesterday. And we are reminded each day that the Lord is directing each step.

We continue to desire your prayers for Jude and for our family.

For the last few days, Annabelle has had a yucky nose, so we decided against putting her in the nursery at church today and we all stayed home. We have had such a great family day...just savoring our last few moments together before the major changes ahead. Thank you to all of you who have been praying for our family and our marriage.

What we are thankful for:
I (Rose) am thankful for the wonderful birthday celebration that I had with all of my female family members over the last few days. My mom, sisters (Becca and Rachael), nieces and Annabelle all worked together to create a restful and fun celebration of my 30th birthday. My mom made me an awesome pumpkin chocolate bundt cake, they all cooked me breakfast for dinner (my favorite!) and we all got pedicures! Most of all it was just nice to have all of them with me and time to enjoy talking with them.

We are SO thankful that Saucy has a foster home! A friend of a friend had a friend who often fosters doggies for families and we were connected with her about a week ago. She is a wonderful lady and we are quite confident that Saucy is going to have a great time in his foster home.  She met Saucy today and it seems like a great fit.

What you can pray for:
At my doctors appointment on Thursday, we discovered that my amniotic fluid levels are at 32cm. Typically, at 35 weeks my amniotic fluid should be measuring around 14cm. 32cm is the highest measurement that we've had yet but I don't feel like I am close to going into labor just yet. I have had many Braxton Hicks (practice contractions) over the last week but I've not had any real contractions in weeks. Please pray that my amniotic fluid levels will go down and that I will continue to avoid early labor. We are so thankful that we've made it this far!

Please also pray for my breathing. As you can imagine it has become very difficult to breathe and I'm tired most of the day (being full with 32cm of amniotic fluid instead of 14cm of amniotic fluid). I look WAY pregnant...much bigger than I was with Annabelle. It is getting more difficult to sleep simply because I cannot breathe well when I lay down.

Thank you for your continued prayers! We love you all!

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