Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A few pictures to make you want to pinch some cheeks

 Sitting up while using the vapotherm. As you likely notice he has the bar on his face still from the CPAP. He has quite a bit of of stuff on his face/head still...can't wait to see his sweet face without all of this equipment! You can also see where he scratched his head trying to grab the CPAP/bar because it bugs him so much.
 Looking into mommy's eyes. We love having "talks" and just spending time together.
This is Jude snoozing away on CPAP and wearing a cute little outfit! LOVE his cubby little arm!


  1. Bless his adorable little soul!! He is such a trooper, as you all are. Sending lots of prayers every day. He is making some big strides!

  2. The cuteness is overwhelming! He looks great, even with all the equipment :) I hope you're able to get some rest (physical as well as emotional). Praying for you and sweet baby Jude. He's going to be home before you know it!

  3. Beautiful boy!!! Bless his sweet heart. Proud of his progress. God is good!

  4. What a cutie! I am Colt Swick's Mimi. Jude and you all are in my daily prayers that he continues to progress getting stronger and go home to be loved.