Monday, February 27, 2012

So much to say!

Hi friends!
Thank you for trying to continue to get updates on Jude. We are so sorry that it has taken us several days to put up a blog post. We are well overdue (many of you have called/texted/emailed to check in) on updating all of you on Jude's progress...and BOY has he made some progress!

So, here is the scoop:

  • Jude is off CPAP!! On Friday Jude was simply sick of being on CPAP. He was irritable and getting very worked up about having the long prongs in his nose. One of Jude's awesome nurses suggested letting him hang out on the vapotherm a little bit longer to give him a break from the prongs in his nose and then the next (also awesome) nurse suggested to the docs that they just keep Jude on the vapotherm overnight because he seemed so much more comfortable. And then it was decided that Jude was doing so well on vapotherm that he should just stay on it!!! Yipee! So, Jude has been on vapotherm since Friday and he has been doing so well that they have even weaned the settings down because he is not requiring nearly as much support. Can you believe this? What an answer to all of our prayers! 
  • The docs have continued to increase Jude's feeds every day and the hope is (if the Lord wills it) that by Thursday he will be at "full feeds". Basically, this means that he will be receiving enough milk to sustain him and that he will no longer need IV nutrition. So, the hope is that sometime after Thursday Jude will no longer need his PICC line. (They are already taking steps to change his medications that he receives through his PICC line to oral doses) Losing this PICC line is HUGE! This means one less site for potential infection. Additionally, this means that Jude is tolerating TP feeds well. Will you join us in praying for continued improvement for Jude's digestion? Will you start praying that Jude's body will handle being without IV nutrition well? And will you also go ahead and start praying for Jude's stomach? We know that they will soon begin trying to re-introduce milk to Jude's stomach (instead of his TP) and we'd really like for his tummy to be happy about mommy's milk. 
  • Jude is doing amazing with his occupational therapy! Today he wowed us all as he worked with his OT, Katy (hi Katy! :) )! Jude spent some tummy time on a mat, balance on an exercise ball (with assistance of course!), oral exercises and more. We are so pleased and so excited with his progress! We remain hopeful that he will continue with his desire to be active and engage in his therapies! Please pray that Jude will continue to grow stronger and stronger!
  • Nana Linda and Pop Pop (Brian's parents)  to visit this weekend and Nana Linda held Jude for the first time! Now both Nana's have held Jude and I am quite certain that both thoroughly enjoyed their time with our little man. (Pictures to follow soon- I am without my laptop right now)
  • Annabelle saw her brother again today! :) They had a great visit and held hands. Jude was awake this time so Annabelle had the opportunity to see our little guy moving about. She told us that she wanted to kiss him...but we couldn't let her. I can't wait for the day when they can snuggle up together in my lap! :) (Again, pictures to follow soon)
We are so thankful that the Lord has once again provided for Jude's needs and that He ordained for Jude to be with us. I am continually amazed at the amazing miracles that have happened in Jude's life. I cannot believe that we are on the other side of the CDH 50/50 chance of survival diagnosis. It blows my mind and fills me with such JOY. But I also ache for the families that have lost their sweet CDH babies and I worry for the families who are about to give birth to babies with CDH. Such hard places to be in. Please lift them up in prayer.


  1. Thanking Jesus for this positive report!!

  2. Must. Have. Pictures. Seriously! I want to see a free face! :)

  3. How Great is our God....Sing with me....How Great is our God....and ALL WILL SEE....HOW GREAT...HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD!

  4. Continued blessings and prayers for precious Jude. He is a fighter!