Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Update 2/1/12 9:30pm

Hi folks,
Just wanted to give you another quick update. Jude seems to be doing much better now and is overall resting a little better. It is so hard not being able to hold my sweet boy while he is feeling bad!
I spoke with another one of our favorite nurses (Katie!) tonight and she said that Jude has calmed down a great deal and that he is now at 38% oxygen! What an improvement from earlier today!
Right now we know that the respiratory panel is negative so Jude does not have a viral or bacterial illness. And thus far the blood cultures for a blood infection are negative...please pray that they remain negative for 48 hours!
Everyone is wondering what caused our little guy to have such a freak out today, but no matter what we are thankful that he is doing a little better this evening. Please join us in praying that he will continue to improve.
To God be ALL the glory!

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