Thursday, February 23, 2012

Moving Right Along...

So, how many of you thought of the Muppet Movie when you read the title of my blog post? :)
I guess I've been hanging out with a Muppet obsessed toddler lately.

Anyways...happy Thursday to you all!

Jude had a great days yesterday and today. Here are the highlights:
  • Jude is OFF his fentanyl drip! Yipee! We are thrilled that he is offically off the heavy meds that he has been on for so long. He is not totally off addictive medications yet (the fentanyl and versed were replaced with morphine and atavan) but he is no long receiving drip medications. Instead he is receiving scheduled doses of morphine and atavan. We are so thankful for his progress with weaning those tough meds!
  • Jude got a tub bath today!!! For nearly two and half months Jude has only received sponge baths so today was a HUGE victory in the stinky baby department! One of our favorite nurses, Caroline, was determined to get our little man in the tub since his PICC line in his foot is finally out. Jude seemed to enjoy the bath overall and only got a little fussy towards the end. It was so sweet to hold my sweet little clean baby after his first bath!
  • Jude is continuing to do amazing with his PT and OT! We are so pleased with his progress and his ability to tolerate more and more activity! Our little guy enjoys being social so visiting with the PT and OT ladies is right up his alley. 
  • Jude is still on CPAP and this is something that we would love to see change as soon as possible for many reasons. 1) Because it would mean that his lungs are growing stronger and more capable of working to support him 2) Because he is just so dang tired of having the annoying prongs in his nose all the time (and he is getting strong enough to knock them out himself!) 3) Because the frame that sticks to his face to hold the CPAP is irritating his skin and making him even more annoyed with the CPAP. 4) Jude cannot be discharged or transferred until he gets off of CPAP (along with other things) So, will you join us in praying for Jude's lungs to get an extra boost that will help him get off CPAP as soon as possible?
  • The docs are continuing to increase Jude's breast milk feeds through his TP tube. He continues to tolerate them pretty well. We also got good news from one of the studies done on Jude's stool. He is not having any trouble absorbing the good fats that his body needs to take in. What great news! Please continue to pray that my dairy-free diet is effective in helping Jude's digestion.
 Overall Jude is making some wonderful progress....but he still has quite a way to go before he can head home so we are still asking for your prayers. Please continue to pray that Jude will be protected from infections because he remains at risk because he has been in the hospital for so long and because he still has a PICC line in his head. We just want our little man to stay as healthy as possible.

We are so thankful for all that the Lord is doing in Jude's life!

 Praise to the Giver of good things
Merciful Father, holy King
Join with the angels, sing out loud
Praise Him who reigns above the clouds


  1. That is fantastic news! I'm so happy to read about Jude's progress, and my family and I will continue to hold him in our prayers. It made me smile to see you holding him in that first picture!
    Anika Smith

  2. Great updates! And he is so stinking cute!! Praying for his immune system to fight off all the germs that float around the hospital along with strong lungs and good eatin'!

    Also, you look beautiful!

  3. God is so faithful...thank you for the has made my day!!!!

  4. Yay! Praising our Father for his faithfulness. Jude is Sooo sweet! Wish I could squeeze him! Praying for those lungs to fully support him, for continued healing and good health! Good job, Mama, on the diet changes. Looks like your effort is really paying off. Can't wait for the post saying you are taking your son home. Praying until that day. XOXO

  5. Is that your finger he is holding on to in the tub? SO cute! Grateful with you for progress in weaning.

  6. What great pictures!! Jude is adorable! Praising the Lord for the incredible improvements he's made and for continued healing so you can all be home together soon!!!