Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jude's life over the last few days

 Hi friends,
Jude's been holding steady over the last few days. The doctors aren't changing his feeds, meds or ventilator settings at all right now. They want to keep him happy and comfortable until surgery. Jude's x-rays look pretty good and he is on pretty low settings on the ventilator.We are praying for a steady day tomorrow (Sunday) and for an uneventful morning on Monday. We want our little guy happy and healthy when he heads in to surgery.

Here is what Jude has been up to lately:
Annabelle went to visit Jude again on Friday. They held hands and Annabelle sang three songs to Jude. It was such a sweet time for us to have our children together.
Jude spent time snuggling with his sweet daddy. Jude spent a lot of time smiling and playing with his daddy too.
 Jude's been charming all of us with his sweet big blue eyes and his smile. We are trying so hard to catch his big smile with our camera. It is amazing how big he smiles with that awful ventilator tube in his throat. Oh how we wish for days filled with Jude's smiles with no tubes!
 Jude and I have also spent time snuggling and smiling. I've been savoring every little minute with my sweet baby boy. Every time that I hold him he eventually melts into my arms and falls asleep.
I also had to share a photo of the cute sign that our nurse, Caroline, made for Jude. Notice the rainbow feet? Just another sweet reminder that the Lord is always with Jude and always with us.

We continue to ask for your prayers. Thank you to those of you who are participating in the prayer vigil for Jude on the date of his surgery. If you want to be a part of the prayer vigil you can find information on THIS FACEBOOK PAGE.

Please pray for Brian and I as we prepare for Monday. At this moment the thought of watching Jude head into surgery is almost more than we can take. We are savoring our time with Jude right now but so nervous about what lies ahead. Please pray for peace from the Lord that passes all understanding.

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  1. Praying for total surrender for you and Brian and trust that surpasses understanding. Peace during the surgery and Hands of a God who is all powerful to direct the way for the surgeons. Loving you always, Chris Lawson