Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Morning update

A quick update: So sorry that we did not get to blog last night. We are all so tired. We moved to a different house yesterday too. 
Jude finished the evening with a little more rest thanks to more powerful medication (and a little extra love from one of our favorite nurses, Kayte). They are still not sure what is causing his pain/agitation. Jude's neonatologist and surgeon will be meeting today to discuss the plan for Jude. I hope to update you later this evening on how things are going. 
We are so thankful for you prayers for Jude. Yesterday was truly a difficult day. Our hearts were breaking knowing that Jude was so uncomfortable. Please pray that he can be pain-free and that he can get some good quality rest. He hasn't been able to nap like a normal baby in quite some time.

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