Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mommy sick day = Time with Nana Beth!

Hi friends,
Not a lot of new stuff to share about Jude today (which is awesome!) because he has been steadily improving on the ventilator. This morning he had yet another good blood gas and they weaned some of his settings on the ventilator before rounds this morning. The doctors are planning to get another blood gas in the morning and if things are still looking good they will likely wean his settings even more! Praise our amazing God for pulling Jude out of his scary respiratory sickness!!

I am sure that many of you are wondering what the next step for Jude is going to be. Obviously we are hoping that Jude will continue to climb to better and better settings on the ventilator and the doctors are hoping that Jude will be extubated eventually. 

So what happens if he is extubated? 

Well, he will likely be on some sort of respiratory support…maybe CPAP…maybe Vapotherm…or even oxygen nasal cannula. 

But what next?

Well, that is still yet to be determined. IF Jude is extubated and he continues to tolerate his feeds, he will likely continue to wait a little longer for his second repair surgery. IF Jude is unable to come off the ventilator, surgery will likely be sooner than later. 

How long will he wait?

At this point, we don’t know. We are sure that our questions will be answered better as we see how Jude is performing from a respiratory standpoint. What we do know is that we and the doctors want Jude to be as healthy and strong as he can be before his surgery. 

So what now?

We wait and PRAY!

Please pray especially for Jude’s lungs to grow stronger and stronger. Pray that he will be able to come off of the ventilator and please pray that he will be able to continue to tolerate his feeds. 

Fun News:
I am still sick and staying away from my little man until I can be sure that he won’t catch my cold. Of course, it is likely that I caught my cold from him!


Nana Beth spent several hours with Jude today!!

She spent some time playing with him and then she held him for a few hours. She was more than happy to spend a little extra time with our little man and I am sure that he enjoyed it too. 

Here is a little preview:

In other news:
Sweet little Lily had her repair surgery today and things went really well! They were able to successfully repair her diaphragm without a patch! This is a HUGE praise. Please pray for Lily’s healing and for her left lung to GROW!

Jude’s sweet nurse, Meghan seems to be feeling better and better each day. Please pray that she will be able to go home soon!

Thank you for continuing to pray for Lily and Meghan!

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