Thursday, April 26, 2012

Surgery date and time

Suffering from a SERIOUSLY slow internet connection this is a quick update: Jude will have surgery on Monday at 12noon!


  1. I've been following your blog since before Jude was born. My granddaughter was born with CDH Sept 2010. She had re-herniation surgery Oct 2011. Two days after she came home from the hospital she went trick or treating on Halloween. Her fast recovery from this second surgery was amazing. She has been doing great since then.
    When I read that Jude is having surgery Mon. I was relieved. I feel in my heart that this is a huge step towards getting Jude home. I hope and pray his recovery is as amazing as my granddaughter's recovery. I'll pray that Jude has a successful surgery and a fast recovery. I'll continue to pray that Jude goes home soon and has a long, healthy, happy life with his family.

  2. I will pray that as Jude's Grandma said 'Let's hope that God has worked a miracle and the surgery is much more straightforward than anyone could have dared to dream.'

  3. Prayers for God's love blanketing all of you with rest for your bodies, peace for your hearts, guidance for the doctors and staff, and amazing healing within Jude.

    Colt's Mimi

  4. Praying, praying! For healing, smooth surgery, miracles, rest , peace, provision & rainbows!!