Monday, January 16, 2012

A big day! (Part 1)

Hi friends!
Jude had a great day today! Most importantly he was extubated this afternoon! YAY!

Our hearts are full with thanksgiving! We are so thankful that the Lord has provided a way for Jude to progress so well with his respiration since surgery.

Jude is now on a CPAP nasal cannula and this means that he no long has any tubes in his throat. This is HUGE for Jude because since his first day he has had some sort of tube in his throat. Now he has the opportunity to make noise and cry!!

They moved him to the CPAP at 3pm this afternoon and Brian and I were at the house in Mt. Pleasant because Annabelle came back in to town today to stay and Brian had to head back to our house this afternoon because he will be working tomorrow. So I have not seen him with his CPAP yet. I will be leaving shortly to visit our little guy and to hold him now that he is ventilator-free! I am SO excited. One of our favorite nurses called us and let us hear him crying over the phone. It was truly one of the most beautiful cries I've ever heard. I cannot wait to hear his voice. I am hoping to take a video and post it sometime tonight or tomorrow for all of you to hear. I will post more about my visit tonight later tonight.


  1. So happy to hear the good news!!! I know that you are loving hearing those sweet baby sounds. So grateful for a God who does miracles and is faithful and loving in all things.

  2. Yay!!!! How exciting for you all! There is nothing like your baby's cry after waiting weeks to hear it. So thankful that Jude is doing well, and continuing to pray that he sails through his recovery!!

  3. So, so exciting! Brings back memories of when Pierce came off the vent. Enjoy your visit tonight! We will be praying for Jude tonight.

  4. Rejoicing with you! Thank you God, that you hear our prayers!