Saturday, January 21, 2012

A sweet Saturday

Happy Saturday!
Thus far we are all having a good weekend! Yesterday I spent the whole day with Annabelle and Brian spent the whole day with Jude. Annabelle and I had a great day living just like we did when I was a regular stay-at-home mommy with her. We played, read books, went to the grocery store and did a whole lot of snuggling! And today we switched places and I spent the day with Jude and Brian hung out with Annabelle. Annabelle and Brian spent the day playing, going to the library and running around at the waterfront park. And this evening we enjoyed a dinner out as a family of three. We were really wishing our little guy was with us. We are wishing and hoping that we will be enjoying "every day moments" with our little guy soon. I know we will truly savor moments like holding him as we walk around the house...putting him to bed in his crib in his own room...and watching him watch his little sister play. Will you pray that these moments will happen?

We are continuing to trust in the Lord's timing for Jude and we are so hopeful. But I must admit that I remain a little fearful for Jude's life. He is doing so well with his recovery from all of the medical issues that he has faced thus far BUT he is still in the NNICU. He is still a sick little baby who needs to learn to eat and come off his medication. Will you please continue to pray for Jude's health and pray that he only continues to get healthier and healthier? I worry so much about him getting an infection or facing another major medical issue. But I also know that whatever he may face, the Lord is with Jude and He is with us. God will carry us every step of the way.

Today Jude was pretty content and only faced a short amount of "fussy time" while I was with him. Jude's feeds are likely to increase daily as long as he continues to handle them well. They will also continue to wean him from the medication as often as Jude can handle it. Please pray for endurance for Jude as he faces the withdrawals from his medication. As Brian mentioned in a post earlier today, it's quite awful to watch Jude suffer through the weaning but we know it is necessary for him to leave the many medications behind. 

My favorite part of today? Holding Jude of course! :) Today I held him without the CPAP on. Instead they allowed for Jude to wear an oxygen only nasal cannula for the two hours that I held him. For the first 30 minutes I just talked to him and he studied my face intently. Then he fell asleep (sweetly) in my arms for the remaining hour and a half. While he was resting to took some time to do some of the mouth stretches and techniques with him that the occupational therapist taught me to encourage Jude's mouth muscles to want to suck and hopefully nurse in the future. He handled it really well and sucked on his paci much better than he did earlier this week!

Well, I'm off to bed! I am quite tired! Thank you for your continued prayers!

    But for me it is good to be near God;
        I have made the Lord GOD my refuge,
        that I may tell of all your works.
(Psalm 73:28 ESV)


  1. So glad to know that Jude is getting stronger. You and your are always in our prayers. So glad you are getting to hold that precious little man. Trust in the lord for he will take care of you all and guide you trough the tough times.

  2. praying sincerely for those everyday moments to come... those moments we (I) tend to take for granted!