Sunday, January 15, 2012

Preparing to Extubate

Nearly a week after surgery to repair his diaphragmatic hernia, Jude continues to make steady progress.

Here's a quick recap for Sunday:

  • From a respiratory standpoint, Jude continues to make good progress. His blood gases have been fantastic and he's weaned to the hilt on the ventilator, so there's really nowhere else to except off the vent. It's looking like tomorrow may be extubation day for baby Jude! Please pray that Jude will extubate soon and that he'll make a smooth transition to nasal cannulas or whatever form of oxygen support is deemed best!
  • Today was the third day that our little man was receiving bits of his mommy's milk through a feeding tube. He's still receiving milk in very small amounts (2 ml/hr), but these early feeds are tiny because they're primarily intended to help his bowel "wake up" after about 5 weeks of inactivity. He spit up a little bit today, and he had one bilious emesis (i.e. he threw up and there was a little greenish bile in it), but he still is doing reasonably well with digesting his food and moving the majority of it through his bowel. Please pray that Jude's gastrointestinal function will improve and that he won't experience any significant reflux, bowel obstructions, or other complications.
  • We knew that Jude had a little pressure sore on the back of his head, which was probably the result of his head being stationary while on ECMO; however, today the sore opened up and actually bled a little bit. He has been flipped and repositioned frequently since coming off ECMO, but the sore on his head hasn't gone away. He was inexplicably fussy several times during today's visit, and although we weren't initially sure why this was the case, the sore on his head is probably the simplest explanation. It was really sad to see him appear to be in pain, so please pray that his pressure sore will heal as the medical staff tend to the wound.
  • Jude continues to oxygenate his blood well and, since his surgery, his lungs have also done a fantastic job of expelling CO2; nevertheless, pulmonary hypertension is still a concern on our radar. Please continue to pray with us that Jude's pulmonary hypertension will be kept at bay.

I (Brian) will be returning to work on a reduced schedule this week, so I would also ask for your prayer that this transition will be as easy as possible. My tentative plan is to work part of each week in Greenville, then spend long weekends in Charleston with Jude. My hope is that my time in Greenville will be productive, that the Lord will give me safe travel between destinations, and that my time with Jude and family in Charleston will be sweet.

    O you who hear prayer,
        to you shall all flesh come.
(Psalm 65:2)


  1. Praising God with you for how far Jude has come!!! It has been truly amazing to watch God at work here.

    Thank you Lord. You are so good.. please continue to provide strength and healing to Jude and we pray that he has an easy and successful extubation whenever that perfect timing is.

    Liz, Oregon

  2. Even though Jude still has a long road ahead, this is fantastic progress! I remember how joyful and blessed we felt at this point in Clara's recovery: when the doctors began to switch from saying "IF she gets to go home" to "WHEN."

    Until that day gets here (and after, too) we'll be keeping Jude and family covered in prayers.


  3. Yay! So happy to read all the good progress! Isn't it funny how a good blood gas can make your heart soar?! Praying for a smooth extubation!!!!!
    Mom to Dakota 12-25-2008
    RCDH survivor

  4. Just wait until you hear your sweet baby cry...the best sound ever! Praying for a smooth transition for Jude and for Brian.

  5. Sending my travel guardian angel to watch over you Brian! I have several....God knows I need them! I will be praying for Godspeed to bring you back here soon! Giving thanks again to our Lord for making such progress happen for Jude! Love to you all! Chris