Monday, January 16, 2012

A big day! (Part 2)

Hello again,
Jude's mommy here. One happy mommy too!

I'm just getting back from visiting Jude and he is doing well with his CPAP. He is at normal settings and the medical staff is pleased with how he is doing.

Please continue to pray for Jude's digestive system. Please pray that he will continue to tolerate the feeds he is receiving and pray that he will move to bottle feeds. Pray that he will not experience any trouble with his bowels and that feeding will not be an issues.

Please also pray for Jude as the doctors and nurses work towards weaning Jude off of some of his pain and sedative medication. Our little guy has been on quite a bit of medicine in the last 6 weeks and now begins the very slow process of weaning. Pray for endurance for Jude and for a smooth transition with every step.

It was really dark in Jude's little corner of the NNICU but I managed to snap a picture and a video of our little guy. Jude's little voice is so hoarse from having tubes down his throat all this time but I am told that his voice will get stronger and stronger as the days pass. I'm just happy to hear Jude make noises...ventilator free noises. I am just so thankful. (I know I keep saying that but I am truly thankful for all that the Lord has done in Jude's life and ours.)

First, the picture!
And now the video!

I've had this song in my head all day. I've been thinking about Jude and the love and blessings that the Lord has bestowed him and our family. In all things God is good.

There is joy in the Lord
There is love in his spirit
There's hope in the knowledge of him
There's a fountain that flows
Like a river from heaven
Abounding in love to my soul

All blessing and honor are his
And all glory and power are his
Let all wisdom and strength
Be the Lord's in this place
Let all glory be given to him


  1. I am so happy for you and praising God for the miraculous events!

  2. I truly believe he was trying to talk to his mommie!!! How precious!!! We are still praying and believing for total healing in his body!!

  3. It is always a good day when God puts a song in my heart. He knows exactly where to meet me. I am so happy for you that God is revealing Himself to you in such sweet ways. Your little Jude is an incredible creation. Thank you for including me in this journey you are on with him. I thank God every day for His faithfulness and love He is showing through Jude. Thank You God for the "uneventful" recovery You are working out. In Jesus Holy Name. Amen

  4. What a blessing! Praise God for answered prayers! We'll continue to pray for Jude's strength and recovery!

  5. Thats the sweetest little sound EVER. May God keep a song in your heart. What a blessing.

  6. God is good. Starla and I rejoicing with you guys. You were the talk of West-Oak today. Jude has so many people loving him and pulling for him. I pray that he continues to improve and heal.