Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bring on the CUTE!

"Hi friends, just wanted to show off how cute I look in the onesie that my mommy's MOPS friends made for me!"

Seriously, how cute is our little man? I took this picture just after Jude was bright eyed and happy after receiving physical therapy today. He charmed all of us with his sweet little ways.

What's new with Jude today?

Well, first of all Jude had a much better today! Thank you SO much for your prayers for Jude over the last few days. We were worried for our little guy and we knew that we could come to all of you asking for prayer. Thank you for being so faithful to pray for healing for Jude.

Overall he was much happier and fussed a lot less. I had the opportunity to hold him twice today and he slept soundly both times. I love cuddling with him! We are starting to think that he is a mommy's boy. He seems to cry or fuss the most after I leave or place him in the bed.

Jude has been using his CPAP much better than he was two days ago and he is making his way back down to the settings he was on about a week ago. He is breathing SO much better than he was a few days ago. Please pray for continued improvement with his overall breathing and that his lungs would remain open and healthy! Tonight he is hanging out at 23% oxygen! Yay!

The doctors decided to wean more of Jude's pain medication today. This is the first wean that he has had in about a week. We hate that Jude may face some withdrawals but we also know that this means Jude will be one more step closer to being completely off of his medication. Please pray that he will be able to handle any withdrawals that he may face as a result of this wean.

They also upped Jude's feeds today by one ml. (that puts him at 5ml per hour) Jude seems to be much more comfortable now that they moved his tube further into his digestive system to give his stomach a break. It is also believed that Jude may have been struggling with some acid reflux (also common in CDH babies). At this point they are not planning to investigate with a small camera just yet but if he displays signs of problems they may decide to check him out. Please pray that his stomach will heal and rest well over the next several days so that it will be ready and happy to accept mommy's milk again. Pray that his digestive system as a whole will be able to start working, get healthy and be ready to take on more feeds.

Now on to more cute stuff!

Here is a short video of Jude stretching this morning. (Please ignore my random conversation with Meghan, one of our favorite nurses, during the video)

And here is another picture of Jude sitting up during his physical therapy session today! LOVE those chunky cheeks!
I showed this picture to Annabelle today and asked her "Who is this, Annabelle?" She promptly responded, "Papa Jack!" What do you guys think (those of you who know Papa Jack)???

Goodnight folks and thank you for praying for Jude and our family!

O boundless love divine! How shall this tongue of mine
To wond’ring mortals tell the matchless grace divine—
That I, a child of hell, should in His image shine!
The Comforter has come!
- The Comforter Has Come - Jars of Clay


  1. He is so cute! And he looks great! I loved watching the video. Thanks so much for sharing. We are so happy to hear that he's doing so well. We will continue praying!

  2. Oh my goodness, he looks like such a snuggley baby! :) Just adorable! Happy to hear it was a good day! Continuing to pray for healing and quick progress!

  3. He is so cute! Yep, The McInville's agree it could be papa Jack! :0) Love you guys and we are lifting you to the Lord every day! Please tell Annabelle hello and we miss seeing her.

  4. Great pictures! I am glad that Jude had a better day. I hope today is even better.

  5. He is so cute and looks like he is pointing "hey folks, see this neat shirt!!" And I just looked out the door this morning at 7:35 a.m. and God has put a beautiful rainbow in the sky, just to remind us of HIS promises are yay and amen!! Last nite we had a special nite of prayer and Jude was included in those prayers...I have sent this praise report on to the intercessors!!! Standing on His promises of Jude's total healing!!

  6. How precious he is! I have to agree with Annabelle, he does favor Papa Jack! Sending prayers your way!

  7. He is so cute. He looks like he is going to be a mommmy's boy. Praying everyday for this little pne to come home. We are all praying tghat Jude gets to come home soon. He is such a precious baby.

  8. Oohhhh yes, Papa Jack it is! SO cute (Jude, that is;-)