Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Prayers for others

Hi friends,
It's late...and I am supposed to be in bed. But just before I finished my nightly routine I felt like the Lord brought two things to my mind tonight to pray for and I wanted to share them with you all. I apologize if my writing is sub-par this time around...I'm so tired.

Since we've been regulars in the NNICU and the family waiting room we've met several families with children who are also very sick. Each day we meet new families with babies and children that are facing tough journeys. We've witnessed some very difficult times in the lives of the people around us and our heart breaks each time we hear about a baby or child's struggle to get healthy and go home. Will you also pray for these families when you remember Jude in your prayers? My heart aches for the challenges and pain that so many of these families are weathering. Pray that they can have peace, wisdom and strength to endure each day.

And secondly, will you all lift up a prayer of thanksgiving for the amazing nurses that we've come to love during Jude's times at MUSC? They've become such an amazing support system for Brian and I...and they provide such amazing care for Jude. When Jude was on ECMO he had nurses that were ECMO specialist exclusively and now that he is off of ECMO he has several different nurses. But the ECMO specialist nurses continue to check in on Jude by visiting him and calling to see how he is doing. It has truly touched us how much they've taken to our little guy. We are thankful that the Lord placed these ladies (and one man!) in Jude's life (and ours)!

That's all for now....until tomorrow!

P.S. Jude's last blood gas at 10pm was good. Thankful for good news before I go to sleep!

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  1. I have been in prayer for Jude for many months now and am so encourged by the things I see God doing in you and Brian. I thank God for being the Rock to lean on when trials are so heavy you think bones are going to crack from the weight. I also thank God for bringing Jude this far. Most assuredly, the road has had some boulders blocking the way, but God's righteous right had has moved every one thus far. I pray Jude continue to improve and testify to God's goodness with every breath he takes. I will join you in prayer for the hurting souls around you and pray that God gives you opportunities to minister to those who need a glimpse of the power and magesty that is Jesus. Much love to you from us!