Thursday, January 26, 2012

Quick post because Daddy is coming home!

Hi friends!
Brian is on his way to Charleston now so I am SO ready to see him! He should be here any minute, so I am going to make this quick. It's tough being apart for several days each week. Jude, Annabelle and I miss him so much.

So, here is the update on Jude:
  • Jude was much more comfortable today and was handling his CPAP a little better too. He was resting comfortably in my arms for most of the morning. He actually spent most of the morning awake looking at me and listening to me talk to him. He is so expressive with his facial expressions (like his daddy) and even gave me a few little smiles. The nurse and I were in agreement that he seems very appropriate cognitively for his age. Honestly, he is so attentive at times that it seems like he just wants to speak! :) 
  • Jude is still receiving only half of the amount of milk that he was receiving a few days ago because he was not absorbing it properly. They will be running another stool test this evening to see how his absorption is going. Will you pray for better absorption? We'd love to see his little system working well and ready to accept breast milk!
  • They have not weaned any of Jude's medication over the last few days because of the little struggles he's fought through recently. But we are anticipating that they will likely wean more in the next couple of days. He's handling it like a champ. I know it must be hard. Please keep praying for our little man as he experiences withdrawals. 
  • I also wanted to ask you to pray for three families. Currently, there are two other sweet babies on ECMO in the NNICU. I don't know their names or their parents names...but I know that the parents must be so worried for their babies. I pass by the babies every morning and I pray for them each day while I eat my lunch. Will you join me in praying for these two families? Also, I wanted to ask you to pray for the Knoll family. They recently found our blog because they were seeking to learn more about their own sons CDH diagnosis. They are expected to deliver in May. Will you follow their blog and pray for their sweet baby, Parker? Here is a link to their blog: I know they will appreciate your prayers and encouragement! 
Brian will be visiting with our little guy tomorrow so you will likely get an update from him sometime in the next few days. Thank you for keeping up with Jude and remembering to pray for him. I've thought of all our blog readers and prayer warriors a lot over the last few days. You are such a blessing to our family!

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  1. Continuing to remember you all, Rose, and celebrating the wonderful progress that Jude is making!