Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Not the morning news we had hoped to have. Specific Prayer Request

Dear Friends,

This morning brings news of needed prayer for baby Jude as he did not have a good night as his doctors and nurses continued to struggle with regulating his blood gas levels in addition to coronary difficulties.  The doctors told Brian that Jude is the sickest baby in the NNCIU at this time.  They changed him to a different ventilator last night and while it helped he has not stabilized as of noon today.  The doctors are continuing to attempt to stabilize him they have asked Rose and Brian to sign consent forms just now in anticipation of placing Jude on the ECMO – Extracoporeal Membrane Oxygenation Machine.  This machine will act as a heart lung machine to stabilize his gases etc while his body continues to heal and develop until he can receive the needed surgery to correct his condition.  What we have learned this morning that his right side lung and coronary area is more affected than anticipated in addition to the left lung being impacted by the crowding of his stomach and intestines in the chest cavity areas.  We anticipate that Jude will be placed on the ECMO within the next hour.  His eventual surgery is not even part of the equation at this time, unless there is no alternative, as his stability is the highest concern as he is still in the critical stage.

Specific Prayer Request:
  • Jude's complete healing
  • Wisdom for Jude's doctors and nurses as to making the correct decisions for course of actions on their part.
  • Surgery to go as planned while hooking Jude up to the ECMO machine.
  • Jude's quick response to treatment and to be stable.
  • Rose and Brian's emotional and physical strength as we now know this will be a long process before being able to go home.  
  • Rose's recovery from her c-section surgery.
  • Thanksgiving that Jude is at MUSC to receive the best care for his condition and for all the family and friends support.
To learn more about ECMO and Jude's condition please refer to this site. 

We covet and appreciate your prayers and ask you send this email and blog information out to all your praying friends.

Believers in God's healing powers,

Papa Jack & Nana


  1. Praying for sweet baby Jude and trusting that our God is the God of all miracles.

  2. My family and friends are praying for both Jude, Rose, and Brian. Having faith in God and knowing that he will guide you through.

  3. My sister, Blair, who works with Brian, told me about this site. I'm praying for all of you, and I've asked all my prayer warrior friends to join in too.

  4. my thoughts and prayers are with you i hope for a christmas mircale for them

  5. My nephew was born with condition. After several surgeries and a rough start, he is now a healthy 18 year old. God is a God of miracles. Praying for your miracle.