Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Prayer Request

Dear friends,

In case you are not aware there is a blog address with the history and current postings of Rose & Brian's pregnancy journey with "Jude".  babymorrison2@blogspot.com  We thank you for all your prayers and support leading up to today's big event.

The next 48 hours are supposed to be critical according to the doctors and nurses and we covet all your prayers for Jude's lung development and blood gases to stabilize and be able to have his surgery and eventually making his way home with Rose and Brian.  Brian will be spending the night at the hospital with Rose.  It is unknown when and how much surgery he will require to move his stomach and intestines to his lower abdomen.  By the way, Jude is a fighter as the doctors and nurses said he was so active when first born, they had to hold his hands/arms down with wash cloths because he was fighting them as they tried to check him out.  I think he just likes being naked.

Believers in God's healing power,
Papa Jack & Nana

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