Saturday, December 3, 2011

An update from Charleston!

Hi friends,
Thank you to all of you for checking in with us throughout the last few days to see how we are doing in our new temporary home. Brian and I arrived on November 21st (so that I could be close to MUSC in case I went into labor early) and Annabelle joined us on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. We've been staying in a home provided by CrossBridge Ministries in Mount Pleasant and we continued to be overwhelmed by the love and support we've been given since we've been here. The house is super cozy and we've settled into our new home quite well. Annabelle is quite smitten with the awesome backyard and has really enjoyed the playroom too. The folks at CrossBridge have also supplied us with many meals and they check in regularly with us to make sure we are doing ok. We are SO thankful for the folks at CrossBridge and for this wonderful home. We certainly hope that our stay here is brief and that we will return home soon, but we are also certain that if our stay is lengthy we will be loved on and supported the whole way.
Over the last two weeks I've been trying to keep busy while not being too physically active. I've picked up knitting again and been reading a few books. We've discovered that I can handle about one "active" outing a day and then I am worn out! Last week, my mom came and stayed with Annabelle and I while Brian worked all week in Simpsonville and she was great company. She kept me rested and took wonderful care of us. I am seriously thankful for my mom and grateful that she is able to spend so much time with us during this season in our lives.
Right now Brian, Annabelle and I are enjoying our last weekend together as a family of three. Today we took it easy and went to the park for the afternoon. Tomorrow we are hoping to enjoy a local drive thru Christmas lights. Annabelle LOVES all the Christmas decorations and we are looking forward to seeing her face light up. We are trying to soak up each moment of this weekend.
On Monday, Annabelle will make her journey to stay with family and Brian and I will prepare for Jude's delivery on Tuesday morning at 9am. Please continue to lift our little man up in prayer and if you feel lead, please look at our previous post about an opportunity to sign up for prayers on the hour on the day of Jude's birth. We are so encouraged that so many people are praying for Jude.
I had a doctors appointment on Friday morning and found out that Jude is weighing in at around 7 pounds and 11 ounces. And I was totally surprised to find out that my amniotic fluid was only 26cm! I did not expect that at all! Thank you for continuing to pray for my amniotic fluid levels. I am so thankful that my fluid levels are down because that makes it even more likely that Jude will hang in there until the doctors are ready to see him!
I'm not sure when I will post another blog...I may do one before Jude is born but it also might be quite awhile before I am able to do so. But please know that I am so thankful for each and every one of you and for the love, support and prayers that you've given our family over the last few months. This journey has been difficult, but it has been better because the Lord has placed all of you in our lives. Thank you for encouraging us and sending us little notes. Thank you for all the little gestures you've made to help our load be a little lighter. Each action has made an impact on us. Each prayer has been felt.

What we are thankful for: The Lord and how he has cared and supplied what we need each step of the way. We are thankful that we can know that He will continue to provide exactly what we need for the days ahead.

What you can pray for: Jude, Annabelle, Brian and Rose.
Jude's health and comfort.
Annabelle's feelings of safety and love as she is away from her mommy and daddy.
Brian's heart as he cares for Rose and Jude. Pray for strength and stamina to endure the journey ahead.
Rose's body to heal quickly from the c-section so that she can recover well and join Brian in caring for Jude.

God bless you all!

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