Thursday, December 29, 2011

Trial Over After One Hour - More Information to Come

Jude's trial on low ECMO settings ended after about an hour and fifteen minutes. He didn't do as well as we had hoped -- he had higher carbon dioxide levels that we would have liked to see; nevertheless, the trial gave the medical staff information that they needed so they could formulate a plan for moving forward. And even though Jude's carbon dioxide level wasn't in the desirable range, he didn't become distressed; on the contrary, he remained calm throughout the trial off, and he even appeared to snooze through most of it.

Despite his less-than-perfect trial today, it sounds like Jude's still on a trajectory to come off ECMO by tomorrow!

I'll post more info about the plan for tomorrow a little later. Until then, please continue to pray for our little man! Many thanks to you all!

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